About Us

    Brandy Dominelli and Amanda Candelora came together in the divine way that the universe always intends.  With the events of 2020 unfolding, both women decided that this was their moment to follow their truth – staring with a departure from the public school model for their beautiful elementary aged daughters.  It was this decision that initiated the karmas in bringing them together with Priscilla Campos, lightworker, to create a small homeschool co-op where they could educate their children in a thriving community of parents and children.  Together these women are embarking upon the adventure of seeking high vibrational truth, divine wisdom, and manifesting a future that our children deserve.  They seek Saraswati, as the goddess of knowledge and the arts, through devotion, spiritual practice, and karma yoga.  Join the Seeking Saraswati community, and in quoting Ghandi “become the change you would like to see in the world”.  Namaste!