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January 30, 2021by brandydominelli0

Tonight Amanda sent me this great article about the Dark Night of the Soul, which I wish I had found 5 years ago when my “ego death” began suddenly after a loved one experienced cancer.  Finding words to describe the experience is difficult, as I went through so many emotions throughout the many years of transformational darkness I experienced.  I truly thought I was losing my mind for most of it, as when you stop identifying with all of the things that once made you – YOU – well, the brain goes through a profound shift that makes you feel a lot like you are going crazy.  With nothing to grasp onto to say – this is me!  I am Brandy the Mom, the business owner, the kind one, the strong one, the wife.  It all was fading away, and I didn’t know why I didn’t feel like any of those really filled me up anymore.  I now know, it’s because I had reached a karmic moment where it was my soul’s turn to provide me with the painful experience of realizing that those things I once identified with are fleeting, superficial, and it was an illusion to cling to them as if they were something permanent.  The only thing that is real and true is the present moment, my soul, vibration, and the flow of divine energy through consciousness.  Although one of the most difficult periods in my entire life, the gift I have received is the most profound, life changing, karmic gift I could ever ask for.  Into the darkness is truly the light, trust me!  Dive in.

Ego Death: The Obliteration of the Self and the Experience of Enlightenment ⋆ LonerWolf

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