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February 12, 2021by brandydominelli0

I discovered Navdanya through an email sent to me from Robert F. Kennedy Jr discussing Bill Gate’s monopoly of farmland in America.  Here is a link to that article, it is a very important read:

RFK, Jr. Interviews Vandana Shiva: The Gates Empire ‘Will Own Everything’ • Children’s Health Defense

After reading the brilliant interview, I explored Vandana Shiva’s organization, Navdanya and feel very drawn to her work.  Amanda and I are both going to be participating in her upcoming classes, click here for a link to their full schedule.

Here is a beautiful piece that Amanda discovered on their website, A Letter from Mother Earth


Dear children,

I embrace you and welcome you back home .

You were uprooted and thrown into the cities by an unfair , unjust , violent economy  which made you think that taking care of me was “inferior work” , work that humanity could stop doing . They hid the falsehoods of the economy of limitless greed ,driven by the illusion of limitless economic growth , and made you blind to my limitless generosity and abundance as long as you receive my gifts within the ecological limits I have created through my laws .

In violating my laws and my Rights , a small group among my children, also robbed you of the rights I have given you – the right to life, to food and water and air , the right to work , to be creative, to find meaning . My spoilt children created constructs like GDP and made them the “law” of the “Market” to hide their limitless greed  justify their limitless violence against me, and you ,the rest of  my children. They sold toxic Poisons which pushed most of my children to extinction .   and extracted super profits from you by selling you unnecessary, costly non renewable seeds, and toxic chemicals . They told you to stop caring for me and protecting biodiversity to grow food that nourishes me ,and your family ,your community , and the country . They pushed you into   growing  POT –  potatoes , onions, tomatoes – which they called “cash crops”  which did not  bring you cash, but instead trapped you in debt. The crops you grew with your hard work and costly inputs were raw material for the junk food industry  which also spread chronic diseases . One million of my beloved children die every year because of diabetes, a metabolic disorder , which has its roots in humanities metabolic rift from me . You grew potatoes for Pepsi and sold them at Rs 5 for 20kg . Pepsi turned it into chips and sold it for Rs 20 for 52 gm packet . Only Rs 0.04 reached you . You were burdened with debt for the planting material, the fertilisers, the pesticides .

Debt drove you to the cities to sell your labour , live in inhuman conditions , imagining that you were doing better by running away from me, from your home , from your Mother .A vicious propaganda was started to convince you and the country that no young person wanted to be a farmer and work with to take care of me .

And then the Corona Pandemic hit , the Corona Lockdown was abruptly announced , and you were thrown out of the cities, to which you had escaped for security, with brutality and total lack of compassion ..You were treated like “throw away people” .

With the determination to live , with resilience and courage, you started your long journey to return to my embrace . As so many of you said “I just want to go home” . Many of you died , my children. For them I feel pain .

For those who have come home I ask you to never abandon me again. Abdandon the false “economy” that uprooted you, used you ,then threw you away .

In my economy, which is the economy of life , there are no expendable species , no throw away people .My living economy is the economy of abundance , not scarcity . It is the economy of Non violence, not violence . It is an economy of sharing and reclaiming and cultivating the commons , not of enclosures, privatization , and monopolization .

Through the rich Biodiversity that I have evolved all beings ,including you, can meet all your needs . You do not need chemical fertilisers and pesticides that kill plants and insects and give you cancer . You do not need GMO seeds when I have showered biodiversity of seeds on you .

In this moment of lock down, which means a lockdown to the future of millions of my children, I ask you to open up your hearts and minds  to cultivate your future through my creativity ,generosity and your potential to care and be creative .

Through co-creation  we can create a world where no one is hungry , no one is without work, no one is worthless I wait for the loving and gentle care of your  heads, hearts and hands to heal your wounds , which are mine too , through regeneration of my living seeds, living soil, living water ,living food .

My potential, and your potential as my children, to nourish life and sustain it, is limitless . Turn your back to the economy of greed and violence  that has turned its back on you . Join me in the non violent , creative journey for your common future in the common home I have given you .Your rights flow as my gifts from my laws, my order. From my freedoms flow your freedoms – to work and livelihoods, to shelter and home , to food and water , to breath and air

On World Biodiversity Day which celebrates my rich expression and generous gifts of Biodiversity ,which I offer you to use for your needs , deeply aware of the rights of the rest of the Earth Family with whom you share my common home .

I will never abandon you .

I ask you take a pledge to never again abandon me , and yourselves , the last person, the last child , the last species who is waiting for your care . All I ask for is your love and work in care .

I call this transition from greed to caring and sharing the Jaivik Kranti – the Satyagraha for Life, a new cooperation within the Earth Family and a non violent , non cooperation with the economy that is destroying life.

In committing yourself to protect me you give me the opportunity to protect you. Protecting me is protecting all my children including yourselves.

You protect me and your future  through your work in upholding  my Laws which sustain all life . You can begin with the first concrete steps in upholding my laws and regenerating your lives through-

Seed Sovereignty and defending the Law of the Living Seed and your right to seed which is my Law of Biodiversity

Land Sovereignty and defending  the Law of Living Soil ,the Law of the land , which is my Law

Water Sovereignty and defending the Law of Living waters and water democracy which is my Law of Water as a Commons .

Knowledge Sovereignty and defending Living Knowledges and Living Intelligences of all my beings according to my Law of creativity and creation .

Economic Sovereignty and practising and defending Living Economies , which are the economies of care and giving which is my law of the Economy as the Art of Living and taking care of the common home I have given you .

Political Sovereignty and practicing and defending living democracy , which is my law of the Democracy of all life, of Earth Democracy .



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