My teacher, William Morris phD, and I were reviewing a family member’s chart, when we made a discovery about some ancestral work that can be done to support the energetics of the natal chart.  He went on to share a link to the Vedic Yagya Center, who happened to be offering an Ancestral Yaga today.  I was curious, so I signed up for the offering, and will update in a few days – but I can say that my energetics feel lighter today than it has for a long time.  Here is a bit of information on what Yagyas are and how they work, courtesy of the Vedic Yagya Center.

A Homa/Yagya is a Vedic ritual performed to enliven the Natural Law for a specific desired effect. A Yagya is a Sacred Vedic elaborate ritual with a specific intended result, which is performed in a precise manner and at a specific time as prescribed in the Sacred Vedic Scriptures. These rituals can only be performed by trained Vedic priests/pundits. The knowledge and procedures of performing Yagyas were passed down by ancient Maha Rishis and Saints to their disciples, and this Divine knowledge was further passed down to us from generation to generation. Yagyas were a regular part of the individual and community life in ancient Vedic civilization.

As spiritual beings living in the human experience, we can choose to rely exclusively on our worldly resources, or we can petition the aid of our allies in the divine realms. By contacting the celestial field of life through the Yagya, the Vedic priest appeals to Deities for their intervention, seeks their help through this Divine energy, and asks for grace on behalf of the person requesting the Yagya to yield the desired effects. With the support of the Divine, and with the support of nature, one is able to easily achieve desired results, such as improved health, prosperity, spiritual enlightenment, and so on.

The response from the Divine is mysterious by its very nature, but it is not magical. Results are sometimes dramatic, as seen in people who suffer from terrible diseases. However, the Yagya/Homa itself does not take away the disease—it helps to clear away karmic obstacles so that the doctor’s treatments can be effective. For example, Yagya/Homa remedies work like an umbrella in the rain. If rain is destined to come, no one can change it. However, just like an umbrella is used to protect your body from the rain, Yagyas help in reducing the effect of negative Karma by reducing the intensity of any disasters that life brings to a bearable level, thus saving one who performs the Yagya/Homa.

So, we don’t claim that we can change every condition. We do all that we can so that the infusion of Divine intervention can help to make life smoother, easier, and more positive. These Vedic rituals work like, as one may say, an insurance policy for an individual, family or businesses and can even be done for the benefit of the world like global welfare, peace & tranquility.

Just like pouring water at the roots of the tree will help it to blossom and produce beautiful flowers and fruit, offering prayers and offerings to the God of Fire during Yagyas/Homas can help achieve the desired result. However, the results may vary depending on the person’s personal ‘Negative or Positive Karmic level’, their faith, dedication, and many other factors. Like it is said in the Shastras – depending on the karmas of the previous birth, one will endure difficulties in life such as diseases, financial troubles, disappointments etc. These can be reduced in intensity or neutralized through the methods of treatments, charity, performance of Japa, Homa/Yagyas, or other such good deeds. The same concept has been quoted from the sacred scriptures below –

“पूर्व जन्म कृतम् पापं व्याधिरूपेण बाधते । तच्छांतिः औषधैः दानैः जप होम क्रियादिभिः ॥“
“Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey I Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi II”

How can one save him/herself from severe difficulties? How to find out when one needs help?

Well, there is a saying in Sanskrit – “हेयम् दुःखमनागतम् “
“Heyum dukham anagatham II” “avert the danger that has not yet come.”

Astrology is the Divine Shastra (Divine Subject)  that has evolved from Sacred Vedic Texts for the purpose of predicting the future. This Astrological science is based on the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, and is connected directly to one’s natal chart and moon constellations. Using this information, along with some Astrological calculations, an astrological expert can predict the future of a person depending on the planet’s movements in his/her natal chart. Astrological Science in Sanskrit is known as ‘Jyotishya Vidya’ – ‘Jyoti’ means light, and ‘Isya’ means ‘Ishwara,’ or ‘Lord.’ Together, it means ‘The light that leads towards the Lord’. Light by the means of peace, happiness and contentment leads one to the Lord through self-realization in life. So, with the help of Astrology, one can avert danger before it arrives with the help of Homas/Yagyas.

If you are interested, visit their website at  Namaste!

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