Meet The Healers

Brandy Dominelli


Brandy Dominelli has been studying and practicing vibrational healing and the holistic arts for over 6 years.  Having completed her Reiki Master certification and subsequent initiation into the Kriya Yoga tradition, Brandy went on to a study of Ayurveda. She is completing the final year of her practitioner diploma in the beautiful “Science of Life” learning to use herbs, yoga, food, and lifestyle as a profound path to physical and spiritual vitality.

As a longtime musician, and owner of Dominelli School of Music and Dominelli Studios, Brandy’s interest naturally moved towards sound healing.  She is involved in a study of the Acutonics System of cosmic sound healing using Traditional Chinese Medicine’s concepts and the meridian system at the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre in British Columbia.  This sparked an interest in astrology, and Brandy has most recently embarked upon a study of Jyotish (Indian system of astrology) privately with William Morris PhD as well as Joni Patry at the University of Vedic Astrology.

Her unique understanding of contemporary music as well as the healing arts inspires her to create a robust soundscape and healing experience.

Priscilla Campos


I am an ancient soul, a starseed, who time and time again chooses the divine mission of lightwork. Quite simply I aim to be the light, spread the light and help others shine their light.  

I have strong ties to Atlantis, Egypt and Greece, where I served as a High Priestess, Healer and Oracle.  I am driven to once again become a Master Healer, in particular bringing back the ancient healing wisdom of Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt while anchoring in the energies of the cosmos through my connection with the Arcturians, Venusians & the Galactic Lion Beings.  

I am an Initiate of the Modern Mystery School under the lineage of King Solomon completing modules I through IV of the Sacred Geometry Healing Series as well as being an Ensofic Reiki Level I Practitioner.  In addition to my studies with the Modern Mystery School, I am also a Usui, Crystal, Atlantean and Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, Atlantean Healing Practitioner Master™, Level Two Alchemical Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Oracle.  

My goal with each client, whether it be a healing or reading, is to leave you with more clarity, breath and a definite feeling of light.  My heart is very open and I love to have spiritual discussions with all who are interested.  I look forward to working with your energy and send love, light and peace from my heart to yours.

Mishleen Khoury


Originally from a city called Haifa in the Holy Land “ Israel”. Mishleen Khoury is a yoga teacher and intuitive life coach who uses the ancient art of coffee cup reading and tarots to guide her clients. She lives and works in Alberta, Canada, and has clients both locally and internationally. Yoga has been a big part of Mishleen’s life, providing her with a source of healing, and guiding her to find her true path. She loves all forms of yoga and believes it can change your life. Yoga is a safe place for us to explore and challenge ourselves. When you walk into a yoga class, whether it’s your first time or thousandth time, you’re following an impulse to be well. Growing up, she often watched her family, who at the time owned a coffee shop in a small village, all the women would gather, have coffee, and engage in the ancient tradition of reading. Over time, she herself began to develop her own reading abilities and for many years she has shared her gift with friends and relatives.

In 2006, through no choice of her own, Mishleen’s wedding day was held in a bomb shelter, surviving a war for the second time in her life. After 2 weeks filled with fear and horror, the newlyweds moved to Canada, seeking a safe place to begin building a family. After moving to Canada, Mishleen completed a variety of training, including her 200-hour YTT, 300-hour YTT, as well kid’s yoga, and trauma-informed yoga certificates. Her goal is to help others overcome life challenges and ease past trauma through movement and pranayama (breath), using her profound intuition to guide her. Mishleen currently hosts numerous workshops and women’s circles and teaches a variety of yoga classes at a community studio. She hopes to bring you light on your dark days.

Yoga Education & Training
• RYT500 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 Hours of training)
• RCYT Level II (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Level II)
• Trauma Informed & Movement Template