Individual Healings

VEDIC ASTROLOGY READINGUnderstand The Planetary Influence On Your Life

A planet, or graha, in Vedic astrology is defined as “to grasp” as the planets tend to grasp us with their energetic influence on our lives.  Once we understand these energies, we can use our conscious awareness to cultivate a dynamic relationship with the planets that supports a deep level of self understanding.

$80 Per 1 Hour Session

ACUTONICS SOUND HEALINGAttune Your Body, Mind, and Soul To The Cosmos

Everything is vibration, including your physical body, your mind, and your soul. Now, what happens when that vibration is a bit off, maybe too slow or too fast? You can experience it as physical ailments and mental disturbances. On the other hand, if your body and field is vibrating exactly as the universe intended, you will experience healing and peace in your mind and body. Using the meridian system, pulse diagnosis, and other traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic techniques, experience this profound healing experience.

$80 Per 1 Hour Session

AYURVEDIC CONSULTATIONDiscover Your Unique Path To Wellness

Ayurveda means “science of life”, and is a path to wellness that values the uniqueness of each individual’s constitution and environmental factors.  The one size all approach, as many of us have experienced, is not always ideal in paving the way for profound healing of mind, body, and spirit.  Through nutrition, herbs, oil therapies, yoga therapy, breathing and meditation practices, Ayurveda transforms your understanding of yourself and supports a holistic journey to optimal health.

$80 Per 1 Hour Session

PAIN CAREA Journey From Pain To Freedom

Pain affects every single aspect of our being. By learning the evidence-based neuroscience of why pain persists in the body, you will gain valuable insight that will help you to make sense of your unique pain experience.

Combining pain science with mindful movements and breathing practices has proven to be an effective approach to decrease pain and move with more ease. Learn how to create a daily pain care plan and set realistic goals that will help you to build resiliency in your daily life.

$80 Per 1 Hour Session

3 Healing Package$222

5 Healing Package$333

8 Healing Package$555